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Joyful Love

Jan 11, 2022

Some relationship experts will tell you to expect less in your relationship. The reasoning is that if you don’t expect much, then you’ll be less disappointed. 

There are certain things we expect that can  create disconnection in marriage. If we are constantly trying to change our partner so that they can somehow fulfill our happiness, those expectations will lead to frustration and bitterness. 

But, I don’t believe this tells the full story. There are certain things we want to expect from our relationships. I believe a healthy marriage should include love, respect, and kindness.

Those three values are worth expecting. And the research says that if we DO expect these things, we're more likely to get them!

So do not expect your partner to make your life happy. Your happiness and joy is every bit in your power.

But it is necessary to think about and envision what you want out of a relationship. Do you want love, kindness, and respect? (I hope so!) Expect those things. Expect them without hesitation.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn why we’re afraid of expectations and how to approach them with confidence - in your life, and in your marriage.

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What You'll Get From This Episode:

  • Why we stop expecting the best in life and relationships
  • What types of expectations you can drop for better connection
  • The Three things every healthy relationship needs
  • The one thing you’re doing that could be sabotaging your relationship success.