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Joyful Love

Aug 29, 2023

If you're married to a difficult partner, you don't have to live a life of frustration and confusion.

There's a better way to approach your relationship that doesn't include suffering and discontentment.

You may need to adjust your expectations or you may need to set some powerful boundaries.

In today's episode...

Aug 22, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the essence of building a beautiful friendship with your partner.

 The best marriages are friends first. Even if you started off hot-n-heavy and forgot to build a deep friendship, it's never too late!

With intention and an open heart, you can foster a connected friendship to be the...

Aug 15, 2023

It’s time to get a new bestie. Yourself!

Just as we cultivate and cherish friendships with others, nurturing a positive relationship with oneself is equally important.

We women need to do a better job of:

👉 Accepting ourselves,
👉 Having compassion on ourselves when we mess up
👉 And Having our own back in...

Aug 8, 2023

It’s a beautiful thing to want to make your marriage better. It’s good to say, “There’s a better way to relate with each other than what we’ve been doing.”

But trying to be perfect can hold you back from growth. Because perfectionism compares. It’s discouraging. It shames and blames. 

So how do we...

Aug 1, 2023

All humans want the same thing - to be HEARD and SEEN. And when a marriage begins to feel disconnected, you don’t have to look too deep to realize that one or both partners are not feeling heard and seen. 

Our relationships often begin this way - where we know that our partner is truly seeing our deepest beauty....