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Joyful Love

Jul 19, 2024

In today’s episode of Joyful Love, I’m diving into a question from one of my clients that I think many of us can relate to. Her question was: “How do I handle detrimental thoughts?”

I know this is a topic that hits home for many of us, and it certainly does for me. So let’s explore some practical ways to...

Jun 28, 2024

In today's episode of Joyful Love, I talk with Dr. Carla Atkinson about perimenopause. There's a lot of discussion about this time of life for women right now ... and it's about time! We live in an era of awakening around women's health, and we are lucky to have providers like Dr. Carla who stay up to date with the...

Jun 7, 2024

We're tackling the problem of overdrinking In today's episode with Patrick Fox. Patrick helps men who want to stop drinking and is the host of the Alcohol Rethink Podcast.

Alcohol can have damaging affects on relationships. I've seen it too many times to count. But there is hope!  Patrick shares his own story about...

May 24, 2024

Have you ever snapped at your partner after they said something, only to regret it later? Maybe you wondered, "Why did I react so quickly? Where did THAT come from?"

In this episode, we delve into the powerful difference between reacting and responding. You'll learn how to understand your emotions and transform your...

May 7, 2024

Have you ever wondered if your partner even likes you anymore? You know you love each other deep down, but has the fondness, laughter, and enjoyment of each other left the building? 

When we have a culture of criticism and irritation in our homes, it can feel as if you don't even like each other. 

You can change that...