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Joyful Love

Apr 26, 2022

You can spin in confusion for years about whether or not you’re just irritated with your partner,  or if it’s time to end your relationship.

If you’re constantly annoyed and irritated, it’s time to take your power back and start creating your own joy in life again.

All those petty annoyances don’t have to...

Apr 19, 2022

The personal benefits of welcoming more humor into your life are enormous. Laughter has been shown to light up the brain's neurons, increase pleasure, and decrease overall stress.

And when you bring more laughter and light-heartedness into your relationship it benefits every aspect of your marriage. Laughter is the...

Apr 12, 2022

So many women want more intimacy and pleasure in their relationship. They want to be able to enjoy connection - emotional and physical with their partner.

It can feel like so much is in the way of that. With our own busy lives and our partner's busy lives, raising kids, and dealing with the emotional weight of keeping...

Apr 5, 2022

Mothering is the hardest job in the world. At least it was for me.

Building my own business is a piece of cake when it compares to the exhaustion and sheer desperation I felt at times with loving my 3 kids so intensely.

And because mothering can be difficult, it’s normal to want a break from it all. It’s normal to...