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Joyful Love

Dec 21, 2021

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I like to give myself a break. Meditation, intentional breathing, napping … anything that keeps my nervous system balanced.

And I’m working towards even more downtime in my schedule. It feels a bit radical, I admit. But I’m on a mission to include rest as regularly, daily, weekly, and extended yearly moments of hibernation. 

I recorded this episode the week before Christmas when there are more things to do than normal. We tend to feel the hustle extra this time of year. And in the midst of it, we crave rest.

Our society teaches us that there’s a standard to live up to during this time (and all times), and most of us have bought into it.

In today’s episode, you’ll be encouraged to find your rest this week. You’ll begin listening to the signals your body and mind are telling you. 

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What You’ll Get From This Episode

  • Why your body’s messages are more important than societies.
  • How to pay attention to your nervous system
  • Permission to rest in a radical way.
  • The lies our brain (and society) tells us that keep us from rest.