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Joyful Love

Mar 15, 2022

Many couples don’t always see eye to eye. This can lead to arguing, criticizing, and blaming, which can be detrimental to a healthy relationship.

What if you don't have to agree to have a great relationship, though?

What if your differences are for your good?

What if you can be on the same team ... with totally different abilities and opinions?

You can!

But most married couples, over time, use their differences against themselves. They begin to treat each other as enemies.

On the Day 4 Replay, you'll learn how to operate like you're on the same team, you'll learn how to see things from your partners' perspective too, and you'll celebrate your WINS together.

To create a relationship that feels really good to be in ... you need to feel like you're on the same team and
 start cultivating friendship again!

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