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Joyful Love

Dec 28, 2022

In today's episode of the Joyful Love Podcast, you'll hear Day 3 of The Connected Communication challenge. These skills will help you build connection and friendship with your life-long partner!

You'll learn:

1. Why you shouldn't be a mind-reader.
2. How to be open to your partner's influence - even if you're independent and opinionated like me! And ....
3. Exactly how many problems to work on at a time!

If you think your partner should know what you're thinking, if you're annoyed when your partner shares their opinion, or if your conversations turn into a "bash each other" fest ... this episode is for you!


If you'd like to be all in on creating a marriage that feels good to be in, come coach with me! You can book a free consultation to learn more here: