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Joyful Love

Dec 7, 2021

Living in this present moment is critical for a joy-filled life and marriage. We know this. Instead of living our lives now, we spend the present moment worrying about the future and regretting the past. 

We regret not preparing better. We criticize ourselves for not being as ‘good’ as other families. We judge our own experiences and wish things were different.

We criticize our partners, we judge our parents, and we beat ourselves up too.

We are wasting our time and energy trying to control things we can’t. 

But here’s the truth. The past and future do not exist. Think about it - they are not reality. 

So if we drop worry and fret about the future, and we’re making a conscious choice not to live in the past … what’s left?

Right now. This present moment is what’s left!  And it’s what matters. 

Listen to Episode 29 to make the most of this holiday season, exactly as it is … with all it’s imperfectly perfect joy!

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