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Joyful Love

Mar 8, 2022

In Day 3 of The Rekindle Your Marriage Workshop, you will learn to take ownership back over your own emotions, actions, and reactions, and ultimately the results in your life.

In today's episode, you learn: 

  • That you are equals in this relationship.

  • You have a choice (complete autonomy) over whether to be in this relationship or not.
  • How your thoughts create your feelings.
  • How to use Thought Work to solve any problem in your life.
  • How Gratitude is a power move.

    Your emotions in life depend on practicing high-quality thinking. The results that you create in life depend on the actions you take ... from the feelings you feel... from the thoughts you think.

    So... Practice. Practice. Practice.

    Your future self will thank you!

    Listen and complete the journal prompts for Day 3.

Get full show notes and more information here: